Going high tech.....

Facebook has proved to be a great success for launching our volunteering but it is difficult to administer and track who is doing what, where and for whom! Keeping records has become a huge task in not all of our volunteers use Facebook....

So major thanks to Ottershaw IT expert (Mark) who has designed a webpage that is fully coordinated with the Facebook Page (Ottershaw Covid 19 Community Support) and a task management application (FREEDCAMP) to help us.

Going forward new volunteers can register through the website with just their name, email, mobile number, street and postcode (you will be pleased to know existing volunteers should be ported across automatically where we have your email address).   Those requiring help can also use the website to flag their needs - although we anticipate that the majority of the help requests still be through traditional routes ( phone / GP / pharmacy).

So what is FREEDCAMP? This is a task management tool where we can place the requests for help and identify volunteers far more efficiently! There is a mobile app too so volunteers can receive alerts if a request comes in.

If you are an Ottershaw volunteer (and we have your email address) you will shortly receive an invitation to join FREEDCAMP. If we don't have your email address please message me your email address or alternatively, why not explore the new webpage and add your email in there - it will only take a couple of minutes! Once the Covid-19 crisis is over we will be deleting ALL THE DATA but if you want it deleted before then please direct message me.

Like all new systems I'm sure we’ll see a couple of teething issues but the benefits should make it worthwhile. Why not give it a whirl......

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